Friday, August 1, 2014

Guardians of the links

I already announced this on the Facebook page, but part of the reason why I missed a big chunk of July is because I've begun work on a WSW compilation book. It'll collect select posts from the first two years of the blog and also include some new material. It's early yet, so I don't say too much more than that right now, but I believe that the combination of my movie posts and my City Mouse cartoons will make this a unique and highly personal book that you're gonna want for yourself. More to follow.

So this hasn't been the best season for outdoor movies so far. I've only written about three; the rest of the ones I've had scheduled for June and July were either rained out, canceled or were shows I blew off for other reasons (for instance, I saw Life Itself after deciding not to see an outdoor movie). Certain individuals on Twitter who fancy themselves comedians have taken the opportunity to treat my nighttime excursions as if I were sneaking out of the house past my bedtime or something, but despite such tomfoolery, I expect the rest of my schedule to go well.

Your links for this month:

Jennifer ponders how much truth there is to the belief that classic film actresses were considered washed up after age 40.

Maureen O'Hara and The Quiet Man mean a great deal to Kellee.

The Lady Eve goes on a ramble about dessert food and champagne and manages to tie it to movies.

Monstergirl is in her element with a truly wacky horror B-movie featuring a truly bizarre-looking monster.

Aurora returns to upstate New York for Capitolfest, and here she interviews one of its heads.

The analysis on Boyhood's Oscar chances has begun.

An oral history on the flawed but adorable Galaxy Quest.

Who to turn to in order to make your R-rated movie into a PG-13.

And finally, I wanna wish a happy 25th wedding anniversary to fellow film blogger Dorian and her husband, Vinnie.


  1. You're true blue, Rich! Thanks for the mention. It's an honor to be listed among these blogging greats. AND best of luck with your book. Don't forget us little people when it becomes a huge hit! :)


  2. I'll be happy if it makes enough to buy me a new computer.

  3. Yay! Thanks so much for touting that creeping terrible carpet monster! So thrilled to hear you're working on a book! I second the congrats to those that wonderful romantic writing duo of Team Bartilucci Happy 25th- Rich you're a gem- Cheers Joey

  4. Thanks. I'm in the editing stage now and it's harder than expected, but it's going well.

  5. Good luck with the book. I'll buy it!

    The Creeping Terror is off the chain. I watched it with my film buffs group.

  6. Well, there's one guaranteed sale at least!


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