Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Planet of the links

The ongoing struggle over control of the Loew's Jersey Theater has taken a turn for the worst: last week, Jersey City mayor Steve Fulop decided on a promoter to run the theater, and taxpayers are gonna foot most of the bill for renovations, surprise surprise. In a statement, Friends of the Loews continues to maintain that if only Jersey City had lived up to its end of the bargain it made with FoL to fund renovations (for a smaller amount than what the taxpayers are getting shafted with), none of this would be an issue. FoL plans to continue seeking a legal remedy to this case.

You know my feelings on this, and you know whose corner I'm in. This is not the end by a long shot. Here's a petition supporting FoL that you can sign to show your support.


July is gonna be my big month for outdoor movies. I have nine tentatively planned, and weather permitting, I expect to see them all, though nothing's certain. Last month I went back to Bryant Park to see the Tyrone Power version of The Mark of Zorro, but about 15 minutes or so into the film, there was some kind of mechanical problem (according to the projectionist, whom I talked to) which caused the image to blink out, with the audio continuing. 

When he was able to recover the film, ten minutes of the movie fell by the wayside. Restarting would've been preferable for me, but it was already well after nine PM and most of the audience didn't seem to care either way, and though I tried, I couldn't get back into the flow of the movie. How could I, with ten minutes worth gone? I ended up leaving early. Something always spoils my time watching movies at Bryant Park, whether it's a rude audience or the weather. Now this. I think I'm just gonna give up on Bryant Park altogether.


Last month I talked about the unexpected bit of character revealed by my mother while watching an old film, and speculated that she didn't seem to get much out of old movies in general. I may have been premature. About a week or so afterwards, she told me that she actually watched TCM one morning while staying home - unprompted by me! She watched The Big Sleep - perhaps not the ideal movie to watch for someone unacquainted with classic Hollywood because of its complicated plot, but at least it's got a pair of superstar actors. She liked it... especially the ending. (She has a real pet peeve about downbeat endings.) So I suppose there's hope for her after all.


Your links for this month:

Brandie celebrates 80 years of Donald Duck.

Paddy went on a family outing to a Buster Keaton movie.

MGM Blogathon hosts Diana & Connie offer up a brief but comprehensive history of the studio during its glory years.

I wanted to write about Greta Garbo for that blogathon, but Le beat me to it. She chose to focus on Garbo's marriage to John Gilbert. (Don't forget to turn on Google Translate.)

I've had an interest in actress Marsha Hunt ever since I wrote her into my Hollywood Canteen story. Here's a new interview with her in which she reflects on her long career.

Here's a little known story about a gay Hollywood couple from back in the day.

Speaking of outdoor movies, seeing them should be a little more pleasant if you observe these tips.

Ever wonder who does the subtitles on foreign movies?


  1. It will be interesting to see if your mom starts checking out TCM a little more often.

    Lots of good reading in those links. Thanks.

  2. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one, but if she does, I'll be sure to mention it.


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