Thursday, August 1, 2013

Smurf these smurfin' links

Not a whole lot to talk about this time out, except to mention that once again I'll be taking part in the TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon this month. Last year, I made an effort to make each of my posts different from each other, and I'm gonna do the same this year, even going so far as to play with the format a little bit. Also, last year I chose to pick one actor whom I had never heard of before, or at the very least, knew next to nothing about. That was Jeanette MacDonald. I've done the same this year, so that entry will probably be the most straightforward one.

I have more outdoor movies to look forward to this month, including a couple at some brand new (to me) locations. I'll try to take some more pictures of them for the WSW Facebook page. I had taken some shots of Prospect Park and Bryant Park, but they weren't all that exciting upon reflection. I loved the Riverside Park pictures (as well as last year's shots from Red Hook) so much because they were taken at a venue more conducive to exciting shots - in my opinion, anyway. You can still see the Riverside shots on the Facebook page if you scroll down a little. If you like the pics, let me know.

Lot of links this time:
Courtney writes about how "stingers," or after-credit scenes in genre movies, have gotten out of hand.

Jacqueline has the story of a director who started out in the early days of the auto industry.

The Lady Eve writes about one of my all-time favorite TV shows, The Honeymooners.

I just started reading a great blog called, which covers the pre-Code era in classic film. Here's one sample post, on the Barbara Stanwyck film So Big!

Raquel has an interview with the creator of a graphic novel about an imaginary tale of a young Buster Keaton.

And then there was the time, Aurora says, when Gracie Allen ran for president.

Will put together a great report on the "Hitchcock 9" screening at BAM earlier this summer.

Why does it seem like white people don't like black movies? It's not an easy answer.

Could this book be the reason why so many movies seem the same lately?

And speaking of comics, here's how the creators of the 2 Guns graphic novel are actually making money from the film.


  1. I kept meaning to tell you that I loved your last banner, and I love this one, too!

    1. Part of the fun of doing this blog is making banners.

  2. Thanks much for the mention, Rich! I went to send you a thank you tweet but I've been blocked! Can't follow you either.


    1. I'll fix that right away. Thanks for telling me.


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