Saturday, March 30, 2013

City Mouse Makes a Movie #12

Previously: The first day of shooting on CM's movie is somewhat less than productive.


And how appropriate is this - that this week's chapter falls during the same week that the Supreme Court wrestles with the gay marriage question? I don't recall if I've said it here before, but even if I did, I'll say it again: I have yet to see a rational argument against gay marriage, and I question whether one can be made. The mere fact of its existence hurts no one economically, no one's rights are oppressed in any way by it - I mean, I'll just come out and say it: the opposition to gay marriage is rooted in fear, plain and simple. And in the four-plus years since California passed Proposition 8, more Americans have discovered that there is, in fact, nothing to fear from gay people getting married. And I think the Supremes will realize this and do the right thing by overturning Prop 8.

I've enjoyed writing Donna and Sophie. This is the first opportunity I've had to delve into their personal lives, and I've already imagined so much more to them based on these four panels, to the point where I could easily imagine making a spin-off story - but that's much further down the road.

The Short North is the coolest part of Columbus. The section of High Street that resides within the neighborhood is adorned with arches just like the ones you see here, and they're perhaps the city's most iconic feature. The SN is home to many of the city's best art galleries (not to mention restaurants like Surly Girl), and on the first Saturday of every month, they stay open later than usual for people to enjoy their wares and have a good time in the Gallery Hop. 

Columbus is an artist's town, which is a big part of what attracted me there in the first place, and I looked forward to Gallery Hop every month like it was a holiday. It can be very festive, especially in the warmer months when musicians line the streets and the bars and restaurants are buzzing. There are many good reasons to visit Columbus, but Gallery Hop is one of the absolute best.

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