Saturday, October 6, 2012


seen @ Main Street Cinemas, Kew Gardens Hills, Queens, NY

Ever since Urbanworld I've been a little bit frazzled regarding this blog. This is the time of year when all the good movies start coming out, and as a result, there's more stuff I wanna see and only so much time and money to see them. So what ends up happening is that I fall behind in my schedule and have to play catch-up.

I mentioned my friend Ryan from The Matinee recently and how he passed the 1000-consecutive posts mark. I could never do that, not in a million years. I hate feeling pressured to post something, even though in the beginning my goal was to post as often as five or even six times a week. Now I'm closer to three or four times a week. Why? It's less pressure. Once blogging becomes a chore and not something fun, that's when it becomes a problem for me.

Also, as you may have noticed, I've become less regular regarding which days I post on. I had settled on Monday-Thursday-Saturday with an occasional extra post on Tuesday or Wednesday, but even that's sort of gone by the boards. Still, I do strive for three days a week, even if it's not those specific days.

See, I plan stuff and then other stuff happens and I have to change everything. I mentioned how I've put off seeing The Master because I wanna see it with Vija and I wanna see it in 70mm. Then John recently emailed me about this indie movie that he said I absolutely have to see. Plus I had to finish up my post for Ruth's blogathon, only to be invited to another one, so I ended up taking Trouble With the Curve off my schedule, figuring out a time and place to see John's indie movie, rechecking the Ziegfeld's schedule, plus trying to figure out what I wanna watch for Halloween this year... 

It sounds more hectic than it actually is. I'm not complaining; I'd rather have too much to post about than too little. But I ended up falling behind on certain posts that I wanted to have finished sooner than now. Which is why today I dragged my laptop out of the house with me, even though I hate going out on the weekends with it, just so I can say something about Looper, a movie which I liked well enough, but it didn't blow me away like it has so many other people. Also, because I've seen so many other movies lately, it hasn't registered in my mind that strongly and I'm finding it hard to articulate what I found appealing and unappealing. I should probably go see it again (like Ryan always advocates), but there's that time and money shortage problem I mentioned earlier. (Sometimes it seems like my fellow film bloggers go all out to see every major new release. I can't do that, nor do I want to.)

But I should say something about Looper, right? Well, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is great at imitating Bruce Willis. I could almost believe they were the same person, prosthetic nose or no. The issues of predestination and free will reminded me of last year's The Adjustment Bureau, which also had Emily Blunt in it. And its approach to time travel is unique, even if I couldn't quite grok some of it. But that's about all I got for this one right now. 

The hoopla over this reminds me of Drive, also from last year, another movie that the film blogosphere seemed to go ape for more than I did. I don't care all that much if I don't agree with the consensus opinion about a movie, but there's still that sense of disappointment I get when a hyped-up movie turns out to not quite match the hype. I'm sure if I sat down with Looper by myself, months later, I might begin to see different layers to it and blah blah blah. Maybe I should take a break from movies for a week or so and write about other stuff, just for the hell of it. I can tell you I've got another book review coming up, for instance. I'll think about it.

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