Saturday, May 12, 2012

Film bloggers assemble!

Yep, it's time once again to look around and see what's doin' in the rest of the film blog community...

- It's Ruth's wedding anniversary! Awwwwww... Check out her list of favorite movie husbands and wish her a happy anniversary while you're at it.

- Jacqueline writes about The Out-of-Towners and It Happened to Jane with an emphasis on trains. As someone who fully supports public transportation, I naturally approve of this sort of thing, and her posts are both quite informative. Well worth a look.

- A guest writer at True Classics discusses the early days of seeing movies in NYC.

- One of my all-time favorite TV mini-series is I Claudius (and not just because Patrick Stewart's in it). The Lady Eve recently did a nice piece about the history of the mini-series, including how it almost came to the big screen.

- Retrospace looks at an old celebrity gossip mag from the late 70s.

- One aspect of The Avengers I never talked about is how it, and the Marvel movies that led up to it, were based on the work of comics legends less well known to the general public than writer Stan Lee, including that of artist Jack Kirby. Grantland corrects this with an informative piece on the publishing history of the Avengers comic and how it informs Marvel today.

- And here's a piece from the Chicago Tribune about how Hollywood tends to shoot for the PG-13 rating more often than not.


  1. I'm such a terrible person! Sorry I missed this post and THANK YOU for featuring my post, Rich.


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