Wednesday, February 5, 2020

He was Spartacus

The THR obit. He was 103, if you can believe that. One of the last of the old Hollywood legends.

Films with Kirk Douglas:
A Letter to Three Wives
Lust for Life


  1. I haven't watched Spartacus (beginning to end) in quite a few years. My earliest memory of it is my dad introducing me to Woody Strode. The film is rife with big name actors/stars, but it was important we not refer to Woody as "whats-his-name." Insight into my classic movie education. We start with the character guys and work our way from there.

    Kirk came through town with Michael and Catherine, hawking his book years ago. I had the flu and couldn't get to the book store but I'm sure Maureen must have a picture in her stash.

  2. Sounds like your dad could’ve taught his own film history class.

    In doing the research for my SPARTACUS post, I think my appreciation of Kirk Douglas as a filmmaker and a person was raised a lot.