Friday, September 13, 2019

Car crash at Kew Gardens Cinemas; no injuries

UPDATE 9.17.19: I went to the KGC and took this photo. Definitely business as usual there while repairs take place, though I hope they put up a sign or something to that effect, so people won’t think they’re closed.


UPDATE 9.14.19: Repair work has begun. On Facebook I saw a picture with a view inside and the lobby looks fine. I was afraid there might have been more damage beyond what I could see, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. The KGC Facebook page says they’re open and operating normally.


I belong to a Kew Gardens Facebook group. On it, the manager of the Kew Gardens Cinemas confirmed a report that earlier today, at around 3:15 PM, an elderly driver made an unsuccessful U-turn on Lefferts Boulevard, in front of the theater, and backed into the front doors. According to the manager, no one was injured.

Long-time readers of this blog know this is one of my major go-to theaters and has been for years. I was planning on going there next week to see Brittany Runs a Marathon. Don’t know yet if they’ll need to close for repairs. I’ll update this post when I know more.

And not to get too preachy on you, but this happens with cars much more often than you would imagine—I see it on Twitter all the time—but until we draft legislation that will rein in cars from causing so much property damage and injuring and killing, yes, killing, pedestrians, so that we can allow access to other kinds of transportation, this will continue. If you live in New York, please consider signing this petition in support of a bill designed to do this very thing.


  1. This phenomenon is occurring more often in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) than I would have imaged years ago.

    We live on a busy corner and a while back a women had brake trouble, went through a busy thoroughfare and hit the side of a TTC bus (the stop is outside our side door). As the bus driver said, "I was worried. You guys just put up that fence." Passengers were shaken, but not stirred. It didn't even make the local news!

  2. Maybe drivers have always been bad and we just know more about it now because of the Internet.