Monday, June 2, 2014

Links of tomorrow

So as I've already mentioned, I've put together a tentative schedule of outdoor movies for this summer, almost all of which are free. I say tentative because of course, it's all "weather permitting" (I've had rainouts before). This year, I've made a particular effort to attend a wide variety of venues, including several new places in Queens and Brooklyn (I've been there before, but never to see movies). If you're planning to see any outdoor movies, be sure to read my do's and don'ts guide to make sure you have the best time you can!

Later this month, I'll conclude my Spoiler Experiment with a post about the observations I've made during the past several months, about the two movies involved in the experiment, Draft Day and Million Dollar Arm, and about how spoilers are talked about and treated in the industry at large.

Lotta links this month:

Raquel saw her all-time favorite movie, Bachelor Mother, at the TCM Film Festival.

Ivan examines the (very) early career of the late Mickey Rooney.

Jennifer threw a Muppet-themed birthday party for her daughter.

Will thinks of his father whenever he thinks of the Marx Brothers.

Michelle talks about the vampire movie Only Lovers Left Alive from an atheist's perspective.

Le took an online film course. (Google Translate required)

Page heckles Sunset Boulevard.

Joe at Nitrate Stock is doing interviews for his blog now. Here's one with the programmer of Brooklyn's upscale Nitehawk Cinema.

Fritzi acquired a Hollywood-themed cookbook from 1929 and is gonna cook her way through it.

Robert DeNiro talks about his gay father in a new documentary.

Angela Bassett is gonna direct a biopic about Whitney Houston.

A documentary about political cartoonists played at Cannes.

Hard to believe that the Bronx only has two movie theaters left.


  1. Thanks for the shout, Rich!

    I go to a few outdoor screenings per summer (there are only a few venues that offer them near me), and your tips are spot on.

  2. Glad you agree. I'm thinking that I might do a revised version in the future based on experiences I've had since.

  3. Thank you so much for including me in this hall of honor full of great links! :D

  4. May was a particularly great month for film blogging. Yours included.

  5. Rich, having done much of my growing-up in New York City, especially in The Bronx and Manhattan, I'm sorry to see that there are only two movie theaters in The Bronx. I kinda feel like a portion of my childhood died a little. Where's a ginormous winning lottery ticket when you need one, or at least the Bronx? On a happier note, Page totally cracked up me and my husband Vinnie with our pal Page of My Love of Old Hollywood with her wiseacre wit in her blog post about SUNSET BLVD!

  6. I know little about the Boogie Down Bronx, but I know how I'd feel if the same thing happened to Queens. I suspect the real answer is that the Bronx isn't gentrified enough (yet).


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